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Travel Vaccinations PGD Accredited Training


Travel Vaccination  Face-to-Face Class Room Training (PGD Accredited)

(Full Day Travel Vaccinations Class for renewal / Beginner)

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Travel Vaccinations PGD Accredited Training

The Travel Vaccinations PGD Accredited Training for pharmacists by Expert Clinic and Voyager Medical) is the only specialist vaccination course in the UK specifically designed for experienced and highly qualified pharmacist vaccinators. 

Our training is provided by the UK’s most popular and highly experienced Pharmacist Immunisation Instructor, and our Clinical Director Alex Leung (Travel Medic), who has already taught his face-to face vaccination training classes to 1,800+ pharmacists in the UK and to more than 300 pharmacists and healthcare professions around the globe. [Academic role: ]

Alex is also the Clinical Lead in Childhood Immunisations at GP practices in London. He is the only pharmacist in the UK specialised in Childhood Immunisations in Primary Care and is highly experienced.

Travel Core Full PGD package (Included the Seasonal and Flu PGD 2020 package)


Japanese Encephalitits

Hep A

Hep A and Typhoid combined

Meningitis B

Meningitis ACWY





Tick-borne encephalatiis

Hep A and Hep B combined


Yellow Fever






Seasonal and Flu Only PGD package


Hepatitis B

Meningitis ACWY

Pneumococcal PCV

Pneumococcal PPV


For further information, please email: and CC (carbon copy) or Whatsapp messaging or voice note to 07894435050 (Whatsapp only, please do not call) 

If the matter is urgent, please call  0207 993 2544 / 07776491974.

Existing students only*

New students only*

* You will be directed to Google Forms to enrol onto this course.

Please group enrolment for more than two delegate from the same pharmacy / company, complete the attached enrolment form attached and then email to  (Sean)   and copied (CC) (Alex)  You may call us on 02079932544 / 02079717777  or     On-Call 07776491974 once your excel enrolment form has been emailed to both email addresses.    You may contact our Clinical Director Alex directly via WhatsApp text messaging / voice note only (Please do not call)  on 07894435050

Course Material - Password protected, for existing students only*

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