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Jr Specialist Half-day Face-to-Face (F-2-F) Influenza & COVID-19 & Travel Vaccinations  
PGD Accredited Training

Vaccination Training: (Including Face to Face COVID-19 Vaccine Reconstitution & Injection techniques and Flu Training) - Including pharmacy technicians and

pre-reg pharmacists.

Courses >   Influenza & COVID-19 Immunisation Training

Jr Specialist Half-day Face-to-Face (F-2-F) Influenza & COVID-19
Immunisation PGD Training



  • The Face-to-Face vaccination training will focus on the reconstitution and injection techniques for providing COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech / Comirnaty, Moderna and AstraZeneca /Vaxzevria vaccines).


  • The Full Immunisations Training for pharmacists by Expert Clinic and Voyager Medical) is the only specialist vaccination course in the UK specifically designed for experienced and highly qualified pharmacist vaccinators. 


  • We are the only specialist training provider to offer advanced level immunisations (including NHS Childhood Immunisations Training, Intradermal technique for TB, Mantoux & BCG immunisations) tailored for pharmacists and specific to pharmacy settings. 


  • Our training is provided by the UK’s most popular and highly experienced Pharmacist Immunisation Instructor, and our Clinical Director Alex Leung (Travel Medic), who has already taught his face-to face vaccination training classes to 1,800+ pharmacists in the UK and to more than 300 pharmacists and healthcare professions around the globe. [Academic role: ]


  • Alex Leung (Travel Medic), the Specialist Vaccinations Instructor for this course is the teaching and educational lead for COVID Vaccinations for PCN pharmacists and pharmacy technicians at North-West London Vaccine Hubs. 


  • Alex is also the Clinical Lead in Childhood Immunisations at GP practices in London. He is the only pharmacist in the UK specialised in Childhood Immunisations in Primary Care and is highly experienced.



COVID Vaccinators (including Flu) Face-to-Face 

Training Course



Face-to-Face Vaccination Training involves:


  • The face-to-face component of the course is a 4.5 -hour workshop run by an experienced specialist vaccinator who will cover the demonstration and practice on:

  • Intramuscular (I.M.) Injection technique.

  • Sub-cutaneous (S.C.) Injection technique.

  • Intranasal (I.N.) immunisation technique.

  • Reconstitution technique (General).

  • Reconstitution technique (COVID vaccine specific).

  • COVID vaccine specific injection techniques

  • Full guidance and demonstration on Anaphylaxis/CPR and a competency test. Certificate of competence issued upon successfully completing the course.

  • Additionally, pharmacists are required to complete the online training portion of the course, which will cover:

  • Private PGDs including; Influenza, Hepatitis B, Meningitis ACWY, Pneumococcal PPV and Pneumococcal PCV.

  • Full access to information on which covers guides for; Influenza, Hepatitis, Meningitis, SOPs, Customer Questionnaire, How to set up your Vaccination Clinic, Promoting your Service, FAQs and Needle Stick Injury.

  • HD video clips on immunisation knowledge and revelant techniques


List of Modules under e-lfh to be completed for COVID Vaccinators:


Core Knowledge for COVID-19 Vaccinators


Core Knowledge for COVID-19 Vaccinators - Assessment


COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 - Assessment


COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca


COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca - Assessment


A full list of further mandatory trainings and documentations will be covered in the Face-to-Face training course. 

Training Accreditation and Support

After the completion of the face-to-face training, healthcare professionals will be able to access the clinical and technical support teams for COVID or Flu Vaccination Service. 


Due to the introduction of the National Framework (also known as National Protocol) for COVID vaccination, pharmacy technicians and non-registered healthcare workers including pre-registration pharmacists are eligible for administering COVID vaccination under terms and conditions. 


Operational stages of activity under National protocol:

Stage 1: ​Registered Healthcare Professionals Only

  1. Assessment of the individual presenting for vaccination

  2. Provide information and obtain informed consent

  3. Provide advice to the individual

Stage 2: Registered or non-registered persons

  1. Vaccine Preparation


Stage 3: Registered or non-registered persons

  1. Vaccine Administration

Stage 4: Registered or non-registered persons

  1. Record Keeping


However, clinical assessment, consent and information provision process must be undertaken by a registered healthcare professional. 

Furthermore, the preparation of the vaccine (i.e. Pfizer-Biontech covid-19 vaccine) must only be undertaken and overseen by those health care professionals trained in aseptic technique and have the skills for dilution and drawing up as required by the vaccine. 

Seasonal and Flu Only PGD package


Hepatitis B

Meningitis ACWY

Pneumococcal PCV

Pneumococcal PPV

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For further information, please email: and CC (carbon copy) or Whatsapp messaging or voice note to 07894435050 (Whatsapp only, please do not call) 

If the matter is urgent, please call  0207 993 2544 / 07776491974.


For any group enrolment more than three students please download the following spreadsheet and fill in required information and send to / , please follow up with a text or phone call to Alex or the WhatsApp On-Call mobile: 07985763888

Course Material - Password protected, for existing students only*

* You will be directed to Google Forms to enrol onto this course.

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